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About Scott

Scott C. Long, Esquire prior to becoming a member of the Florida Bar spent several years as a staff attorney in employee and labor relations with the American Consulting Group, Inc., in California.  Mr. Long has since relocated to Florida and was a former prosecutor in Fort Lauderdale gaining substantial trial experience.    


Mr. Long then entered into private practice gaining extensive general civil litigation experience in diversified areas of law, representing individual and commercial issues in contract disputes, and representation of Plaintiffs and Defendants in insurance, real estate, condominium and homeowner association, commercial and residential landlord/tenant actions; in addition to intentional torts, products liability, personal injury, immigration, family and divorce, construction, mortgage foreclosure defense, debt collection and criminal defense actions.

Prior to founding LA LAW FIRM, Mr. Long was a member of the law firm Leiby Stearns & Roberts, P.A. (now Stearns & Roberts, P.A.) where Mr. Long was engaged in construction related matters, including construction lien claims and defense, payment and performance bond claims and defense, construction defect claims and defense, contract preparation, construction related  mortgage foreclosure defense, contract disputes representation, as well as collection efforts after obtaining final judgments through all of the processes available including execution, garnishment, attachment, levy of assets and a myriad of other collection resources.

LA LAW FIRM, concentrates its practice in criminal defense specifically Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses as well as Ticket Defense for both traffic criminal and/or traffic infractions.  Mr. Long has had substantial experience in trying all types of criminal cases both as a prosecutor and in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer.  Mr. Long's experience as a former prosecutor provides his clients the extra edge in knowing how the State Prosecutors operate and think, how to look for weaknesses in the prosecutors case to successfully defend criminal charges clients may be facing and the ability to negotiate favorable pleas in many cases without jail or probation short of trial.  In defensible cases where the prosecutor is unreasonable in its plea offers LA LAW FIRM is dedicated fight for their clients rights if that means going the distance and taking the case to trial.  LA LAW FIRM's goal is to work efficiently while protecting their clients freedom and to provide the best representation at an affordable price with the personal attention that large law firms and state public defenders do not provide.   

Mr. Long earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and his J.D. degree from Florida Coastal School of Law, and is a Member of the Broward County Bar Association, and was a Member of the Construction Law Committee and other construction related trade associations prior to committing his practice to criminal defense.  Mr. Long also worked as a Judicial Intern for the Honorable Judge Crenshaw in the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.  

LA LAW FIRM, from time to time upon request will handle some civil matters on a case by case basis to assist clients who may need legal services similar to what some general practice law firms offer.  Mr. Long knows other highly skilled attorneys in specialized areas of practice if your situation requires legal services the LA LAW FIRM does not handle.

Mr. Long is an avid sportsman and enjoys being a participant as well as a spectator, and roots for the USC football team.  Mr. Long is married to his wife Natasha for nineteen years and has three daughters.